FCC Children's Ministries

Autumn 2020

Apart, yet joined by faith

We're constantly brainstorming creative and engaging ideas to keep faith in the conversation at home with our little ones during a time that may feel frightening and uncertain. Your ideas and contributions are welcomed! Please email Leslie Maxie, Director of Children's Ministries at lmaxie@fccfaithful.org.


Lelie Maxie, Director of Children's Ministries

Children’s Ministries Vision

We have a passion to see children follow Jesus every day. Our Children’s Ministries are rooted in the concept that learning to follow Jesus must engage the imagination and hearts of children. FCC offers children creative learning environments, age appropriate teaching methods, worship that engages and inspires, and opportunities to confidently serve others. 

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Children’s Ministries at FCC uses modern curriculum that reflects current Progressive Christianity and our vision to seek, connect and serve. Our primary source for curriculum is Sparkhouse (www.wearesparkhouse.org).

Our preschoolers through 3rd graders use the Spark: Activate Faith Rotation Curriculum, which uses age-appropriate lessons in unique ways to dive deep into the stories of our faith.  This Fall we focus on the Old Testament lessons on Joseph and his brothers, Joseph and Pharoah, Ruth, and Daniel in the Lions Den.  We will examine New Testament stories in the second half of the year.


4th & 5th Graders use “Connect” Curriculum.  Connect Engages tweens in God’s big story with quirky videos, hands-on activities, and Bible exploration.  This class will be discovering stories in the Old Testament this fall.


If helping our children learn about and embrace the stories of our faith sounds like something you would like to assist with, we are always looking for volunteers to help in our classes.  Please contact Leslie Maxie at lmaxie@fccfaithful.org for more information.

Children During Open Operation Sundays

9:45 am WORSHIP

FCC loves to have people of all ages present for worship! We have worship activity bags in the Narthex, a Children’s Message each week, and the “Prayground” in the front corners of the Sanctuary where children can play, relax and witness worship up close.

9:45 a.m.  -  All children will begin in Worship

10:15 a.m. -  Following Time with Children, there are three choices: 

  1. Children age 4 and above may attend Children’s Choir Practice.  Katie VanHeel will meet the children in the Narthex and escort them to Promised Land for Practice until 10:45. They will be escorted back to Gathering Space for treats and time with parents before Sunday School at 11 am.  We love hearing our children sing in worship and encourage everyone to attend!

  2. Wigglers: Some young children may find it difficult to stay the entire worship service. Preschool age children may leave worship following “Time with Children” and will be escorted to the Nursery story for creative play, supervised by our paid Nursery staff. All Children remain in worship on Communion Sundays.   

  3. Children may stay in worship with their parents, making quiet use of the PrayGrounds areas and the worship activity bags. 


Children’s Choir Practice will begin on Sunday, September 22 and will continue on non-communion Sundays until December 15 (Pageant Sunday).   Our schedule is designed to give you flexibility and choices on Sunday mornings, and we will review this at the end of the year to determine if we want to continue into 2020. 

The Nursery is available for Infants through 2 year olds from 9:30 am – noon and is located on the first floor of the education wing.


Children from ages 2 through 5th grade will begin the education hour together in the Temple (2nd Floor Education Wing) for a time of singing, prayer and fellowship before moving to their classrooms.  We ask all parents of young children to drop them off on the second floor, instead of their classroom.   At noon, all young children need to be picked up from their classroom.

LITTLE LAMBS (1st Floor)

  • Infants – 2 years are in Nursery

  • 3 years – Kindergarten meet in Room #6 – Our younger children will have in-room mini rotations of music, art, storytelling and snack time to begin learning about the Bible.


  • 1st – 3rd graders participate in Rotation Lessons, focusing on Bible Stories through storytelling, art, games, and exploration.

  • 4th & 5th graders meet in Acts2Crew to form deeper connections with God and each other by engaging in meaningful discussions and activities.