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Primary Objectives:

Provide all levels of secretarial support to the Leadership staff, boards and committees as needed.  Present positive face to the congregation and the larger community in all interactions.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Facility Use Coordinator – maintain schedule, outside party use, set-ups and custodial coverage.

  • Primary management and maintenance of ACS database for facilities calendar

  • Supply primary phone coverage while on premise.

  • Recruit and coordinate volunteers for office needs (bulletin stuffing, pew review, special mailings, etc.)

  • Send email reminders to the following groups

    • Usher and FCC Host reminders, weekly

    • Meeting reminders to boards/committees, monthly

    • Altar flower delivery to scheduled deacon, weekly

    • Fellowship snack volunteer, weekly

  • Coordinate and organize elders for monthly Communion and special services and confirm coordination of Communion preparation.

  • Maintain adequate and cost-effective supply of office products and supplies.

  • Coordinate and execute all large mailings including bulk and monitor postal changes.

  • Stock welcome and info desk with supplies and other items, as needed.

  • Maintain “Today’s Information” (updated weekly).


Ancillary Responsibilities:

  • Support other support staff as needed and provide coverage during vacations and absences.


Necessary Experience and Knowledge Base:

  • Excellent personal and written communication skills.

  • High level of computer literacy, including Microsoft programs.


Characteristics and Qualifications:

  • Supportive of the overall Christian mission of Flossmoor Community Church

  • Ability to establish good working relationships with members of the congregation and outside users of the facility

  • Warm, friendly and hospitable, with ability to maintain strict confidentiality.

  • Well organized, thorough, with attention to detail

  • Ability to remain flexible and open to embrace the ever-changing needs of the Church

  • Self-directing, ability to take initiative


Accountability and Review:

The Administrative Assistant General Office reports to the Director of Church Operations and is accountable to the Governing Board through the Personnel Committee. Performance review annually.



  • This is a part-time non-exempt position requiring 20 hours per week with some flexibility in scheduling required.  

Interested candidates should email their resume and references to Jamie Ford, Director of Church Operations at

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