Announcing our New Pastor 

We are so excited!

Thank you all who voted in support of calling Julie Van Til as our next Pastor.  It was a unanimous call and we look forward to moving into the future with the new leadership of Pastor Julie.



"Who could have imagined we’d be introduced in the midst of a global pandemic? Perhaps this current situation highlights two essentials for us: loving our neighbor and following the Spirit. Sheltering in place flexes the muscles of neighbor-love, prioritizing the well-being of the whole over our own preferences or privileges. This kind of practical, inclusive love seems woven into your history, and I’d be honored to broaden and deepen that expression of love with you. As for following the Spirit, this season has already required communities of faith like FCC to stretch far beyond the familiar. While the future isn’t certain, I’d love to enter it with you, trusting the Spirit to lead us in wisdom, creativity and hope."



2017 – present
Spiritual Director and Professional Coach

Pastor of Community Life
City Church, San Francisco, CA


Interim Dean of Students
Western Theological Seminary, Holland, MI

Retired Minister Care Coordinator
Reformed Church of America, Lowell, MI

Senior Pastor
The Community, Ada, MI

Associate Professor of Youth Ministry
Kuyper College, Grand Rapids, MI

Director of Youth Ministries
First Reformed Church, South Holland, IL


2001 - Master of Divinity
Western Theological Seminary - Holland, MI

2001 - Master of Art in Educational Ministries
Huntington University - Huntington, IN


1994 - Bachelor of Arts in English Composition
DePauw University - Greencastle, IN  
(including semester abroad at Oxford University, UK in theology and gender studies)



Ordained in the Reformed Church in America


Certified Deep Coaching Professional


Certified Spiritual Director


Accredited Enneagram Educator


Restorative Circles Training


Theology of Race and Place Studies


On call to ministry:
“I remember feeling overwhelmed by the abundant love of God for each person around me. I found myself naturally drawn to people experiencing hidden pain, regardless of their social circles, and meaningfully able to support them with comforting words and attentive questions. My youth pastor told me I had the gift of seeing people with God’s eyes, and I knew in my gut that people needed to be seen that way, whether in hard times or ordinary moments filled with Jesus’ presence and grace.” 

On Flossmoor Community Church:
“We were struck with surprise and holy curiosity when we found out about you and your coming pastoral needs. We can’t shake how much your church and this position seem to align with my gifts, passions and values, and those of our family.”   (Julie and her family visited FCC in September 2019 when they visited family in the area)

On communication and engagement:
“I strive to be the kind of pastor that helps reduce fear, normalize change and foster growth for everyone, no matter where we are on a spectrum, with the hope that we at least expand our capacity to hear, honor and learn from those with whom we disagree.”

On diversity and inclusion:
“As a pastor, I love to shepherd people into new and sometimes unsettling learning experiences that challenge their worldviews giving them space for strong feelings, fears and resistance. I am able to create a container for diverse viewpoints around a table as they disagree with me or others, but am comfortable drawing boundaries or upholding rules of engagement that help keep people safe.”

On preaching:
“I try to deliver the sermon like a conversation, moving around thoughtfully, engaging the congregation personally, and inviting connection with God in the moment. 

I believe worship is enhanced by multiple voices contributing creativity and insights to not only the sermon but the whole worship experience.”

On leadership:
“My approach is first of all relational, cultivating trust through genuine, caring presence.  Knowing each other beyond our roles is important for humanizing our work, generating a sense that we’re in it together, and modeling healthy relationships among staff and leaders.”

“Warm, relational, gifted preacher; she has the ability to read the room and spot who might be hurting and need support; the ability to spot those on the margins; and a willingness to speak truth to power and lean into difficult issues.” 

“Intentional, thoughtful, aware of power dynamics and how to navigate them; open, curious, magnetic, safe, not afraid to challenge, courageous, passionate, made to lead.” 

“More than most people I have met, Julie is able to walk the line between open and empathetic listening and a strong drive towards action when the time is right. Her actions are carefully considered and always motivated by a deeper truth.”

“She is a curious and insatiable explorer, searching for ways to bring people together and towards their deeper selves. Once she sees and deeply understands a particular challenge or opportunity, she is unstoppable. In those moments, Julie is not afraid to move towards difficulty and pain, and has the courage to sit patiently with it, and with others through it.”


“She has great vision for how things can be.  Great leader for getting buy in – getting groups to work together.  Thoughtful, considerate, approachable.  Really good at empowering people.  You feel like you are part of a team.”


Julie grew up in the country in NW Indiana, appreciating wide-open spaces and drawn to diverse urban centers. Her spouse Andrew grew up in Michigan and has most recently worked in beer and wine sales and tourism. They have two children, Eva (8th grade) and Everett (7th grade). Along with individual interests, the whole family loves music, theater, books and travel. They especially enjoy exploring National Parks, interactive museums, and anyplace with water in the summertime. 

Julie family.JPG