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24 Hour Fast & Prayer Experience

Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Dawnn M. Pirani Brumfield


Friday, March 10 beginning at 6 am - Saturday, March 11 at 6 am
Church doors open on Friday, March 10 from 8 am - 8 pm

Thank you for joining Flossmoor Community Church on this “Pray without Ceasing”  Fast & Prayer Experience.  The purpose of this fast and prayer journey is to begin a conversation with God, asking for abundance, peace, and love to saturate our church community and our individual lives.

Since my arrival at Flossmoor Community Church I have fielded many, many prayer requests and concerns for healing, restoration, comfort, guidance, and peace. I have been praying consistently for this faith community and feel compelled to invite each of you to join me in prayer. I believe that prayer changes people, systems, and institutions. As we embark on this journey together, my prayer is that God will begin to change circumstances for our faith community and our individual lives.

I will be fasting and praying for 24 hours, and invite you to join me in different ways:


  1.  Sign up below for a 30-minute time slot during the 24 hours to help ensure that prayers for our church, community and individuals are lifted up around the clock.  

  2. Join us in the FCC Sanctuary on Friday, March 10, and experience interactive prayer stations  that will be available to guide your prayers and help focus you in an Lenten discipline. This experience will be children-friendly. (more below)

  3.  Join me in fasting during this time. (more below)

I look forward to hearing the testimonies that will come from our time in prayer,

Pastor Dawnn


What is fasting?


One of the more powerful spiritual disciplines available to Christians is fasting. Spiritual fasting requires dedication and is a great way to connect with God and grow spiritually. Of course, Jesus taught and exemplified this throughout his life on earth. We read in Matthew 4:1-2 that Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert after being baptized, to demonstrate his dedication to God. Spiritual fasting is a biblically based opportunity to recognize your full dependence on the Lord. Fasting is a great way to connect with God. Its purpose is to eliminate distractions and to focus attention on God. As we “dip our toes” in the spiritual disciplines of fasting and prayer, I ask that you are intentional about the process and watch God work.

Ways you can fast


Avoid Caffeine – Skip your morning coffee


Drink Only Water – switch out your usual Diet Coke for a glass of water


No processed foods – avoid the unhealthy additives in processed foods and opt for whole foods instead, such as

  • fruits

  • vegetables

  • whole grains

  • legumes and beans

  • nuts and seeds

  • plant-based oils (avocado oil, olive oil, and coconut oil are best)

  • fresh and dried herbs

  • water

Full fast Sun up to Sun Down – Eat nothing during daylight hours, please consult a physician before attempting this. Only participate if you are healthy enough to do so.


No social media – Are you a scrolling junkie? Avoid all scrolling for 24 hours.

What is prayer?


Simply put, prayer is a conversation with God. There’s no formula, no rules, and no right or wrong way to pray. There’s a song my grandmother used to sing, “Have a little talk with Jesus,” and here’s an opportunity to do just that!

To pray without ceasing doesn’t mean 
staying on your knees all day. 

Ways you can pray

Journal – Keep a notebook between you and God and tell God what you really think


Meditate – Choose the option of guided meditation. Find your own or use the video provided on the website.


Sing – Listen to your favorite gospel artist while you shower


Dance – Clean the house while rejoicing in God’s mercy

Pray – Have a conversation with God


Join us in the Sanctuary – The doors of FCC will be open 8am-8pm for members to engage in an experiential prayer labyrinth. There will be prayer partners available to assist with the prayer stations or to pray with you. This is a hands-on prayer experience with activities available for children, too.

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