Flossmoor Community Church ministries have been making a difference in our lives and the world around us, for more than 90 years. FCC has been a beacon of hope, a safe harbor during crises and a leader of outreach to our communities, other cities, states and even other countries. And now it is time to ask: “Where and how is God calling us to serve next? How can we continue to make a difference? What is MY call to action?!”

Imagine new ways we can follow God’s lead. Imagine new levels of commitment to making familiar and fresh approaches to FCC’s ministries take off and grow through the support of our finances, as well as with hearts and minds ready to contribute our time and talents.

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Messages from Stewardship

Stewardship Committee features speakers during Stewardship Season and throughout the year to remind us of our commitment to our church, and to participate in the ongoing work of God through Flossmoor Community Church.   Included below are the audio file from worship, as well as a copy of the written text.

10.6 - This is Our Story - Ben Van Voorhees
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10.20 - This is Our Story - Kathy Orr
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10.13 - This is Our Story - Fredric Mitchell
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10.27 - This is Our Story - Kris McManus
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