Apart, yet joined by faith

Youth Ministries is re-imagining what Youth Group looks like during our time apart! We've been enjoying online gaming, faith discussions, and Netflix movie nights together. Be sure you sign up for the Youth Ministries e-blast by emailing our Director of Youth Ministries, Travis Adams, at tadams@fccfaithful.org to be included in the fun! 


Youth Ministries provides the Christian Education of our youth from 7th through 12th grade.  We are comprised of two youth groups that meet Sunday mornings (September through May) at 11 a.m.  Groups are distinguished by grade levels and are led by a team of Adult Lay Advisors and Youth Staffers (11th & 12th graders), which is called our Leadership Team.   Lay Advisors & Staffers are vital to the success of our ministry and meet each Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. for planning and study. Youth also occasionally meet together on Sunday mornings for All-Youth Gatherings called “Big Room”, and once a month on Sunday evenings.  We have several outreach projects and retreats throughout the year. All are welcome!

Our Mission: There is much that we want to do, teach and experience, but in a nutshell our mission is to create a safe, inviting place for youth to explore and grow in the Christian faith.  Youth groups are open to all teens, regardless of their church (or non-church) affiliation and our confirmation program is held every other year.  Basically we are trying to grow some passionate, energetic and awesome Christians here!


Sunday Morning Youth Groups are at 11 a.m. from mid-September through mid-May


Our 6th-8th graders!    We meet in Room 22 at the top of the stairs.

Tribes Leadership Team


Youth Staffers: Ella Ermshler, Ellery Homrich, Lucia Malfeo, Charlotte McManus, Veronica Predny-Kalas, Chad Readey, Peyton Reich, Finn Ryan, Joe Sullivan, & Christian Van Voorhees

Adult Lay Advisors: Annie Detrick, 

Marie Maass, Carly Mayer & Dodi Wians


We meet in Room 23 on the second floor. Our group is open to any 9th & 10th graders.  This year, all 9th & 10th graders are eligible for our Confirmation program. 

Quest Leadership Team

Youth Staffers: Boaz Epperson,Caleb Hoereth, Lizzie Lipscomb,Tai Shonkwiler, Anna Thompson &Jack Williams 

Adult Lay Advisors:  Josh Grenard, 
Emma Hanzelin & Julie Johnson


Our Leadership Team meets every Wednesday from 7:30-9 pm in Room 23 and is open to 11th & 12th graders. 
We use our time together to plan for Sunday mornings and study together. 





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If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact:

Rev. Travis Adams, Director of Youth Ministries

708-798-2800, ext. 19 or tadams@fccfaithful.org

We are always looking to increase our Leadership Team!  For more information about Youth Ministries and ways you might become involved, please contact Travis.