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2021-2022 program year

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Rev. Travis Adams,
Director of Youth Ministries


If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please be in touch at tadams@fccfaithful.org


Youth Ministries provides the Christian Education of our youth from 7th through 12th grade.  In addition to meeting weekly throughout September - May, We have several outreach projects and retreats throughout the year. All are welcome! Our mission is to create a safe, inviting place for youth to explore and grow in the Christian faith.  Youth groups are open to all teens, regardless of their church (or non-church) affiliation and our confirmation program is held every other year. More information on our group teams are listed below.

Youth Group Sunday Evenings 6:30-8 p.m.
In response to the majority requesting a time slot change, our Youth will now meet on Sunday evenings rather than immediately after Sunday worship. This new time slot allows more students to join us more regularly.  It also permits us to take some extra time to engage in unique activities, including a weekly Large Group gathering featuring worship music, team challenges, and other shenanigans!  At the conclusion of our opening ceremonies, our Tribes and Quest groups will congregate in their separate spaces to engage in specialized studies and small group discussions.

Junior & Senior Leadership Night

Wednesday Evenings 7:30-8:30 p.m.

This gathering features only our Juniors, Seniors, and Adult Leadership Staff.  On the first Wednesday evening of the month, we’ll collectively plan the curriculum and events for the rest of the youth program.  All other Wednesday evenings will focus solely on advancing our adults and oldest students’ skills, knowledge, and personal growth.  While numerous Junior and Seniors dedicate themselves to serving as volunteer leaders for our Tribe and Quest programs, this regular Wednesday evening meeting is open to all Junior and Seniors wishing to join a particularly unique youth group experience!

Caregiver Coffee Collaborations

Monthly following Sunday 10 am Worship

Once a month, parents and caregivers of our youth are invited to join us for a time of informal fellowship and collaboration.  After touching base with one another over a cup of coffee, we’ll highlight our plans for the upcoming month and invite parents to give us feedback on what is going well, what could be better, and what families need at the moment.  The exact date of these gatherings will differ from month to month due to various scheduling reasons, so be sure to check our website and eblasts for further details!

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6-8th Grade

Our younger squad will  learn about all of the major plot points of biblical history, how they affect one another, and how our personal stories intertwine with the story of Christ.  To better learn one another's stories, we’ll also enjoy Game Nights throughout the semester!  

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9-12th Grade

Our older kids will engage in a wide array of team-building fun as we learn more about our theological presuppositions, various Christian traditions across history, and challenging ethical questions.  Those wishing to undergo Confirmation will also participate in worship and service activities throughout the year.  And of course, the major highlights of our year include three weekend retreats designed to enhance our understanding of faith further than ever before!  

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upper room

 11-12th Grade


In Scripture, the “upper room” was the location of Christ’s Last Supper where he instructed his disciples on continuing and contributing to the legacy of the Kingdom of God.  In the same manner, our Upper Room class is reserved for our upper classmen and adult volunteers to continue the challenging ethical and spiritual questions of the Christian Faith into adulthood while also discussing the shape and design of the youth ministry program.  Whether you wish to dip your toes into what church is all about or desire to step into a more intentional leadership role, the Upper Room is a unique experience designed to bless and equip all of our Juniors and Seniors!

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