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FCC Children's Ministry


Amie Laven
Children's Ministry Director

Want to learn more about Children's Ministries and becoming involved?

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Our Vision

We have a passion to see children follow Jesus every day. Our Children’s Ministry is rooted in the concept that learning to follow Jesus must engage the imagination and hearts of children. FCC offers children creative learning environments, age appropriate teaching methods, worship that engages and inspires, and opportunities to confidently serve others. 

Sunday Mornings



We ask that ALL families check in their children (ages 3 years – 5th grade) at the desk in the Gathering Space.  Our Children's Ministry Director, Amie Laven is there each Sunday before worship and asks that you physically sign your name on her check-in sheet. This allows us to know which children will be attending Children’s Worship and ensures the safety of the children during the “passing period” and while in the classrooms. It takes less than 15 seconds, but is really important!


We have new and improved worship bags available at the check-in counter for children to take into worship. They include coloring pages, markers, stickers, drawing boards, and other activities. 


We are really happy that a number of new babies and toddlers have come into the life of our congregation.  This summer, the staff created our new nursery space, located next to the Gathering Space, that is available for families that wish to take their children outside of the Sanctuary for quiet play or rest.

A video monitor in the space will be set up to view worship on the livestream. Please see an usher or host at the information desk if you need assistance.


Children's Worship

Each week, Children will start in worship at 10 am, and will be dismissed to attend Children's Worship around 10:20 am. They will be escorted up to their rooms on the second floor of the Education Wing for their own Children's Worship, where they will encounter the stories of the Bible in creative and engaging ways that invite each child to WONDER!  Children's Worship will end at 11:15 am and parents/guardians are asked to come to sign out their children from their rooms on the second floor. 


Children 3 years – 3rd Grade meet in Room 12 (blue room)

Our youngest children gather together to encounter the stories of the Bible in creative and engaging ways that invite each child to WONDER!  The stories use our beautiful wooden story pieces to engage creatively with scripture, followed by engaging the children in conversation about the story.  


4th & 5th Graders meet in Room 14 (yellow room!)

Our older children are ready for new challenges and are able to discuss Bible Stories at a different level than our youngest. This year we are providing their own unique classroom, utilizing the “Connect” Curriculum from Sparkhouse. This curriculum encourages kids to connect with God’s big story through videos, Bible exploration, and hands-on projects.  

Communion Sundays

Because of our successful worship experience this Summer, we are tweaking the schedule for our Children on Communion Sundays (which are Oct. 1, Nov. 5, Dec. 3)


Our 3 yrs – 3rd graders will leave worship and gather in their room upstairs to have special Music Time with Katie Van Heel, who is an elementary school music teacher!  We are excited for her to join us this fall as our kids learn new songs and sing some old favorites! Our youngest will be returned to the Sanctuary to participate in communion.


Our 4th & 5th graders will remain in worship. The worship team hopes to include our older children in worship in special ways. 


We will be trying out this new schedule in the Fall and would love your feedback and suggestions as we plan our schedule for 2024. 

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