Dear FCC Members,

The protests over the killing of George Floyd brought us in church leadership to a sudden realization: although we've been reading about and discussing racism for years, we have never covenanted as a congregation to pray, learn, self-assess, and act against racism.  

Such a covenant is necessary if FCC is to add its voice and energy to local, national and world-wide efforts to dismantle racism and repair the damage that it has caused.


Pastor Julie Van Til, the Long Range Vision Committee and the Governing Board believe Jesus calls us to stand with those that society devalues, and that our community needs and expects us to step up to this obligation. We therefore bring to you this statement for your consideration:


The idea of “race” rationalized the concentration of power in the hands of those who were white. Consequently, people of color have had diminished access to goods such as housing, education, and jobs, while suffering greater exposure to risks, such as injustice, invisibility, and danger. More broadly, culture reinforces this false labeling in ways big and small, blinding us to gifts, causing deep hurt, and fracturing the beloved community.  


Jesus stood with those of little power, elevated into ministry people overlooked by society, and embraced the full humanity of every person in His path. We challenge ourselves to do no less.


Therefore, we at Flossmoor Community Church will:

  • Learn about racism. Acknowledge and turn away from our part in it.

  • Replace old habits with new. Embrace discomfort. Be willing to err and try again.

  • Hold our own culture lightly; be open to authentic relationships with others.

  • Acknowledge what we have gained and lost by being an institution of privilege.

  • Question how our environment and practices exclude others. Modify to include.

  • Build a new identity inclusive of our full community – and, therefore, our full humanity.


Ending racism also requires that we act beyond our walls, because silence in the face of injustice is not an option. We will:

  • Support and engage with others working to end racism.

  • Become a haven for community discussion, relationship-building, and problem-solving. Dispute lovingly.

  • Invest with others where there has been disinvestment.

  • Learn about policies, structures and practices that unfairly impact non-dominant groups.

  • Learn about policies, structures and practices that might repair damage left by racism.

  • Equip ourselves to act individually, then do so.

  • Discern how and when we are called to act as a group, then do so.


We seek God’s guidance. We thank God for this opportunity to love each other as we are loved – unconditionally, fiercely, and tenderly. We will stumble and fall, but we will learn and rise again. May our children say that in this place God’s will was done on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.

Given the difficulty of gathering to discuss the statement, would you:

  • pray over what Jesus calls us to do

  • send your comments and/or questions to me via the "comments" link below.  The link connects directly to your email app, or can also email me directly at

  • attend a discussion group on Sunday, August 16, following worship via the "Zoom" link below

  • indicate your approval/disapproval via the "Vote" link below


Deadline for voting is August 20 at noon.  All comments received and votes cast are confidential.


Blessings to you!


Anna Carvalho, Governing Board Chair


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