Nominating Committee

Building Leadership at FCC

Each spring, the Nominating Committee begins gathering information, dreaming, and discerning who to call to step into FCC Lay Leadership in the coming years. The membership of our Boards and Committees is made up of over 70 individuals who are called to serve, and the Nominating Committee holds the sacred responsibility of calling people to fill positions. Our desire is to place people where God can best use their gifts and skills for the work of the church as well as allow those chosen to grow in leadership in a place where their creative energy and passion can best be ignited!   New terms begin on July 1, 2021.


Part of Nominating’s task is to bring the congregation into our discernment process, as we believe the wisdom of the whole body can bring the best possible teams together. Please read the brief descriptions below of the boards and committees and prayerfully consider making suggestions to the Nominating Committee through the link/button below.  The form will be open through the month of February 2021.  The suggestion can be yourself, or someone you recognize that may have the gifts that could match the available positions. We will consider all suggestions and appreciate your assistance. Each nomination requires a separate submission. Help us in creating the team of leaders that will guide FCC in the future! 


BOARDS focus on ministry and programs of FCC

  • Board of Christian Education oversees the educational ministries for Children, Youth and Adults. Membership includes a chair and representatives of staff from Weekday Preschool, Children's Ministries, Youth Ministries and Adult Education. (1 vacancy - Chair of Adult Education)

  • Board of Congregational Connections focuses on welcoming new members, reaching out to active and inactive members, and sponsoring fellowship opportunities for the congregation and community. (3-5 vacancies, including Chair)

  • Diaconate Board is the caring ministry of the church. The Board seeks to meet the needs of our congregation by arranging meals and transportation, visiting homebound and hospitalized people, delivering altar flowers, and assisting with memorial services. (no vacancies this year)

  • Board of Faith in Action identifies and coordinates programs to extend the hands-on mission and ministry of the church. Through careful discernment the board selects recipients of our outreach funds each year, and suggests where our Special Offerings can best be distributed. (1 vacancy)

  • Board of Worship & the Arts assists and supports the Pastor in conducting worship services and music and arts programs. Additionally, Board members organize teams to provide worship leadership, such as ushers, greeters, and liturgists. (3 vacancies)


COMMITTEES focus on tactical matters of the church

  • Finance Committee handles the financial matters of the church, including creating our budget for the year. (2 vacancies)

  • Nominating Committee works each spring to create a slate of officers for the boards, committees and task forces of the congregation. (1 vacancy)

  • Personnel Committee provides support for and direction to the church staff. They are responsible for performance reviews, creation of job descriptions and hiring of Leadership and Administrative Staff. (1 vacancy = Chair)

  • Properties Committee is responsible for maintenance, improvements and additions to all church grounds, buildings, furnishings and equipment. This group takes care of God’s house! (1 vacancy)  

  • Stewardship Committee organizes and leads the annual pledge campaign and provides year round inspiration and guidance of the concept of Christian stewardship to the congregation. (2 vacancies).